About me

Welcome to the first chapter of many, I am sure, of the Tin Foil Hat Society.  We true believers are constantly on the lookout for little green men, big green men, and various space aliens in cow pastures, in the deserts, or in your own backyard.  And yes, we are always able to noticed when we sport our beloved tin foil hats.  Can’t be too careful for when aliens come to steal your thoughts away.

Um…..or something like that.  I am a child of the 80s, weaned on Star Wars, Transformers, and a daily dose of Superfriends.  My closest friends throughout life weren’t from school but were members of the Justice League.  At one point, I was a proud card carrying member myself.  Thanks to the dearly departed Wizard magazine but kids and several moves have seperated me from it.  Still to this day, my favorite TV shows are science fiction or fantasy and my favorite movies are summer blockbusters.  Comics based of course.  Like most kids my age, I always wanted Gizmo or an ewok as a pet.

And then, somehow, I grew up.  A mortgage, a wife, three kids and a job are what life is all about.  When I have the chance though I still enjoy a look at yesteryear and today in movies, tv, or comic books, the great American literature.  Here I will share my thoughts.  Sometimes, it will be about life as a responsible (the word still sends shivers down my spine) adult or my political thoughts.  But usually, you will find discussion of entertainment in all its various forms.  Because, “I don’t want to grow up, I am a Toys R Kid!”  Man, I miss that place!


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