Mixing your comics with your politics

18 Nov

When Before Watchmen happened, Alan Moore had one of his infamous rants. At one point during the hoopla, he stated that those fans who purchased Before Watchmen should no longer purchase his books, because they weren’t HIS fans. Some stood by him and others lamented that the Bearded Wizard had finally lost his mind. I was saddened by this. I supported Alan Moore’s contention that the books shouldn’t be published, because the original story was his, and his story was finished. On the other hand, I couldn’t fault DC. For good or ill, the characters are theirs and businesses produce material to meet demand. I did not approve however of his discounting of his fans. Case and point, I LOVE Moore’s work and have purchased much of it, from a variety of companies he has worked for (including his new novel), but I am also a fan of the characters of Watchmen. (In full disclosure: I eventually read most of Before Watchmen upon finding the issues in discount bins or what not). But I respected his point.
Why bring this up now? Several comic book creators have came out and announced their intent to boycott states that voted “red” this election cycle. I do NOT approve of this and find it reprehensible. Moore’s complaint, at least, was based upon his works and a personal argument he had with the publisher. These creators, including George Perez who I have always loved, however are judging fans based on a political concern. And worse, a political concern the fans may not have supported. A “deep blue” fan might live in a red state and be surrounded by red states. These creators are pushing their fans in this situation aside because of something that the fans cannot help. Moore had the decency to judge fans based on something they controlled: if YOU purchased Before Watchmen, he did not want your support in the future. Meanwhile, Perez and Ramos are blaming many fans they have throughout the southern states, Midwest states, rustbelt states, etc. I find this to be ludicrous.
They could have gone the respectable route: they could ask for “red” fans to not purchase their works, like Moore did. But instead, they are going to vilify entire regions of the country and pretend their importance will make a difference. I have attended MANY conventions throughout the southeast and been to many stores throughout the country. At no point have I been fortunate enough yet to meet with them. But at this point, I won’t worry about it.
Finally, if they really are so serious about this issue, why not respectfully request their publishers not even publish their books in red states? If we are so deplorable by our very nature, why let us peons purchase their books in the first place? Bottom line: we fans aren’t good enough to be in their presence but our money is. They need not worry: they will get neither from me. And in closing, I didn’t vote for Trump, nor am I excited about the prospect of a Trump presidency. But I am VERY TIRED of everyone in the media blaming me because this candidate or that candidate lost.


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