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Lego Dimensions

26 Oct

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this blog, but I picked up Lego Dimensions last week.  If you have been here before, I really enjoy the Lego games, even though I am a father of three and a teacher.  In fact, it’s scary to say, but probably safe to say, but the Lego games just might be one of my favorite game franchises out currently.  But in spite of the love for the titles, and even though I bought the game several days ago, I have had extremely little hands on time with the game: about two hours Saturday morning.  Still, I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone considering purchasing the game and the myriad expansion sets.  

Even if I wasn’t completely sure if it was a game for me, I was completely sold in the first ten minutes of playing.  This was because of one scene I encountered in the first real stage: my Lego Batman was riding a Velociraptor, courtesy of Jurassic World, throughout Oz.  That was it!  At that point, you have completely in the palm of your hand Traveler’s Tales.  I’m stuck.  

The game is the newest in the line of toy/game hybrids.  It is competing against Skylanders, a franchise I couldn’t get into, and Disney Infinity, which won me over with the addition of Star Wars.  But their two major things that separates the Lego version from its competitors.  One thing, and easily the main selling point, is the sheer variety of franchises involved in Lego Dimensions: DC Comics, Back to the Future, Jurassic World, and Ghostbusters are just of the franchises included. There is also Dr. Who, the Simpsons, the Lego Movie, Scooby Doo, and more.  

The other major difference though is that these toys are really toys!  If you don’t enjoy putting together legos, then this would not be the game for you.  The two hours of play time I’ve had?  I was actually playing the game for about thirty minutes.  Right after you start, the game prompts you to put the controller down and build a stargate out of legos.  This then is attached to the portal and took me about 45 minutes.  Shortly afterwards, I constructed another device (15 min) and was off.  Then, because I suffer from minor OCD tendencies, I threw in some bonus characters I had and each had me construct a tool or ride for the specific character (30 min).  In that thirty minutes, though, I had the opportunity to fight the Wicked Witch and a horde of flying monkeys.  

So what did I buy?  And how far back did it set me?  I bought the PS4 starter pack: the game, three characters (including Batman) and the batmobile.  That cost $100 regardless of the system you purchase it on (including the Xbox 360 and PS3).  I bought the Back to the Future kit, which includes Marty McFly, the Delorean, a bonus stage, and his hover-board.  That cost $30 and oddly, it is the only set I didn’t use yet, even though it was the add-on I wanted most.  I bought the Jurassic World kit, two characters, a raptor, and the gyro-sphere for $25.  And finally, my 15 year old has an eerie love for the Wizard of Oz, which led to the purchase of the Wicked Witch and flying monkey pack for $15.  
Although I plan to say more when I have played more and explored the title, I definitely am excited right now.  It’s definitely a pricey franchise, which is why I didn’t buy it at launch, but it seems fun.  The fact that they will be doing four waves of add-ons, including levels, characters, and entire franchises is very exciting.  If you like the lego games and enjoy building, this is the game for.  But if you don’t enjoy both, I definitely recommend passing.