The end of Fables

28 Jul

cover67350-mediumLike many, I came into the Fables universe late.  Last year, DC had an “essentials sale” in which they dropped the price of their most important graphic novels ever and I picked up several from their main line and for the first time ever, their Vertigo line.  I read the first volume of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run which was fun.  I read the first volume of Hellblazer and found it not for me, but I could see where people would enjoy it.  And I picked up the first volume of Fables and really liked it a lot.  Now, I must confess, I didn’t love it, but I really liked it a lot more than I would have thought.  I saw clear similarities between it and early seasons of Once Upon a Time, which I had watched with my wife and daughter.  But after that first volume, I moved back to my standard superhero fare.

A few months later, though, I decided to try the second volume.  The ongoing tale of the Adversary piqued my interest a little more.  The characters of Bigby, Flycatcher, and Boy Blue were very different from my typical heroes.  And the leading ladies of Snow and Rose Red were interesting, and not at all like the typical comic leading lady.  But once again, I put the series aside for a few months.

About two months ago, though, on a whim, I binge bought volumes three through five and it was done.  From that moment on, I fell completely for this series and have now read through volume 13.  At a con, this weekend, I bought through volume 18 and hope to read them soon.  And suddenly, through Netgalley, I have been given the chance to see the end before the middle.

I must confess, I really appreciate what was done here.  Although I don’t know everything that took me from the introduction of Mr. Dark to the death and return of a certain major character, I was able to follow along for the most part.  I don’t know exactly when Snow and Red’s relationship took such a horrid turn, but I found the conclusion of their story to be touching.  I am glad to see King Ambrose is still a noble leader and what happened to Pinnochio was perfect!

I really cannot wait to purchase this volume in print.  It is a fitting conclusion to one of the most interesting and original  comic series of the last thirty years.  I cannot recommend it enough and hope Bill plans on making a few return visits to the Mundy and Fabled worlds.  This is a classic for the ages.


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