DC Deck Building Game

8 Feb

I have always enjoyed games.  I play computer games and video games as frequently as possible, which as a father, husband, and teacher is NOWHERE near as often as I would like.  But I also have always loved board games and card games.  Recently, I discovered a tiny store devoted to board games and card games in town.  It was an interesting trip which led me to purchasing an entertaining card game that I want to advertise. 


I came along at the right age to get into Pokemon, but I managed to avoid that compulsion somehow.  I did however find several collectable card games that I was interested in but rarely did my friends enjoy them.  Because two or more people need to be willing to invest for a collectable card game to be worth playing, I rarely bothered.  But little did I know the new card game style is the “deck building game.”  Deck building games are similar to collectable card games. You start a game with a small amount of weaker cards and spend points to buy more powerful cards.   These cards combine with one another in unique ways to create a veritable card army as you fight your way to victory.  The major difference, however, is that in a deck building game one master deck is bought for everyone to share from.  Instead of each person buying a sixty card deck and then expansion packs, the group buys one box of 200+ cards to share. 


Now, you might be wondering why I am writing about this on a site traditionally reserved for my musings on comic books.  Well, the game I recently discovered is “DC Deck Building Game” and I must confess, it is all kinds of fun.  The game is firmly entrenched in the “New 52” DCU but several pre-52 ideas are in the game.  At the start, you choose a hero based on the new Justice League: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.  Each of these characters has their own special “power.” For example, Superman gets benefits for playing “power” cards, Wonder Woman gains benefits for beating villains, and Green Lanterns gets a benefit by creatively matching different types of cards together. 


Once you have that idea down, the game becomes interested in beating specific supervillains.  Each of those provides a penalty to players initially and when beaten are gained to the decks of the person who beat them.  They then provide extreme benefits to those players.  If you cannot beat a supervillain, you have the option to buy other types of cards: powers, equipment, locations, heroes, and “regular” villains.  Each of these cards provide a benefit to the person who buys them also. 


The game is fun in general.  Everyone in my house has enjoyed playing it, and although it claims it is for fifteen and up, my kids are 9, 12, and 14.  Although I occasionally have to remind them of simple rules or effects of cards, they have taken to the game like pros, and routinely beat me. Meanwhile, I get a kick out of how the different cards symbolically link to their “real” comic skill.  For example, Ra’s ah Ghul is placed at the bottom of your draw deck instead of into your discard pile when played.  This is because, in the comics, when he is killed he has a special chemical bath that brings him back to life.  Swamp Thing is worth much more power if the player has a location card in play because he is attached to the natural (location) world. 


If you are a fan of card games, I recommend you try it or a similar game.  If you are a comic fan, I recommend you try.  If you are a fan of both, I whole heartedly suggest you buy it quick and give it a shot!  And if you already have it, take heart! An expansion is coming at the end of the month!


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