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What I look forward to in Scribblenauts Unmasked….

6 Sep

 As a long time comic book fan, I have frequently engaged in discussions like “Who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman,” “Who is faster Superman or the Flash,” or “Who is hotter, Catwoman or Wonder Woman….” Oops, please forget that last one.  I don’t know how that slipped out of the old subconscious.  So imagine my joy when I found out about the game Scribblenauts Unmasked.  In my last blog, I discussed the general concept, which is a brilliant one, you type something and it appears.  And this specific iteration of the Scribblenauts deals with DC’s greatest characters.  Today’s blog highlights a few of the things I most look forward to trying. 

1) Creating more and more random characters.  The developers promise that almost all of DC’s thousands of characters will appear in the game.  Like many, I plan on spending a great amount of time seeing how just deep it goes.  Obviously, I will create Superman, Batman, and my personal favorite hero ever, Green Lantern.  But I want to see if Dumb Bunny, Beefeater, and Crazy Jane are involved. 

2) In addition to creating random character pulled from a random back issue of Showcase wasn’t enough excitement for me (yes, that may make you think less of me), the game also allows players to create entire teams at a time.  Instead of typing all of the various JLI members (my all time favorite Justice League), I will be able to type in “Justice League International” and the game will spawn Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Dr. Fate and et al for me.  Typing “L.E.G.I.O.N.” will make Stealth, Vril Dox, Lobo, and the rest appear.  But will the Legion of Substitute Heroes Auxiliary appear? 

3) In bringing these characters to life, I will finally be able to replay some of my favorite moments in comic book history.  The Crisis will happen again.  The debut of the Suicide Squad versus Brimstone can be replayed and perhaps the original Blockbuster will survive this time.  But even better, a recent screenshot showed someone reenacted the fabled “one punch.”  One of the most brilliant comic moments ever!

4) The game allows multiplayer!  Now, my children are upset that there cannot be two Maxwells creating concepts.  I have no problem with that.  Instead, player 2 takes over a character Maxwell creates.  So with my encyclopedic knowledge of these characters, I can create Savitar and have the kids run at superspeed around the screen.  Then when they want to be Maxwell, I can have them create Doomsday and I get to run around and cause chaos?!  But even better: I will use the gamepad to spawn characters and then quickly grab a remote and can them use them to DESTROY the universe!  Not that I have anger management issues or anything. 

5) The final big thing I look forward to in this game is that you get to unlock different characters costumes and use their powers as Maxwell.  Perhaps, the kids don’t want to play at some point (crazy kids and their “I have a life, dad”).  Perhaps the wii-motes are all dead mysteriously.  But I still want the unlimited power of Ambush Bug.  I just my in game credits, buy the Bug’s costume, and I will be able to teleport everywhere!  Fear me! 

Scribblenauts Unmasked is like the greatest toybox ever.  I get to play with all of the awesome DC characters I have spent far too much time and money on (according to the wife) and I don’t even have to clean up afterwards.  I get to create all of the stories I have imagined writing if I got a job as a comic book scribe.  And it’s all in a charming little package that will help my kids learn to spell better (or at least, that is how I am selling it to the wife:D).