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Scribblenauts Unmasked

23 Jul

So if you have read my blog EVER, you probably realized I like comic books. Specifically DC comics. I like them a lot. In my life, I have spent a small fortune on them. I also like video games. And if you were to ask my wife, she would probably say I spend a small fortune on them also. So when the worlds collide, few things excite me more. Enter: Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure.

Now, I must confess, if you have been researching this game at all, you may expect me to have first hand experience. Alas, I have yet to make it to a San Diego Comic Con, and haven’t actually played it. However, I am a research junkie (part of my real job). Pus, I have played Scribblenauts Remixed and consider myself knowledgable about the basics of a Scribblenauts game. Therefore, here is my preview!

For those who haven’t played a Scribblenauts game, it is an insane but fun filled concept. You are Maxwell, a rather odd looking kid with a really cool gift. He has a notebook that creates anything he writes. And I must say, having played the game for a bit, it does a great job at that. The game doesn’t typically do personal nouns well, but other that that, it does almost any noun and adjective you can think of. You want to create a schoolbus? Bam! It’s there. Want to create a school of fish? You got it. Want to have real fun? Create a wormhole and it will suck it all away! Yes, sadly, I burned ants with a magnifying glass as a child:(. No, I am not proud of it.

Now, they have decided to team up with DC and the new game allows users to create 2000 specific DC items. There are the obvious things. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League are all here. There are the expected baddies also. Darkseid, Luthor, and Joker headline. But there are also less famous characters. The L.E.G.I.O.N. is here in all of their 90s glory, as are the Secret Six. And then the game gets into the truly obscure characters: Infectious Lass (Legion of Subs) and Brother Power, a living mannequin. Even better, though, you can create entire teams by just typing the team names.

During the game, you will travel around and help solve puzzles for the various characters in the game. Many are civilians but some have been shown to involve the actual DC properties. You can create your own characters in a hero creator, which I plan on using frequently. And as you play, you score “rep” which will count as in game currency which can be used to unlock new stages belonging to one of three main branches (Superman, Batman, and the Justice League) or you can use it to purchase new costumes for Max and his sister. These costumes have the powers of the original character. Me? I want Ambush Bug’s costume. According to the developers, when you are attacked while wearing it, the real Ambush Bug will pop up and break the fourth wall, because that is just what he does!

Now, I have to admit, the game cannot create EVERYTHING from the DCU, like it is being advertised. In one interview, the dev admitted the Green Team didn’t make the cut because they were too recently updated. In another video, they admitted that many Vertigo concepts wouldn’t make the cut, because they were creator owned and specifically this game focused on DC proper concepts. But overall, the game is unbelievable in what does include. This is a game where you can attack Kingdom Come Superman with black Kryptonite. It is a game where the Green Lantern Corps can fight the war of light against the varied other recently added Corps. And quite frankly, it is THE place to create G’nort and have him chase Dex-Starr. I cannot tell you how much that excites me!