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My thoughts on the end of an era

27 May

As a young child who watched Super-friends, Green Lantern fascinated me.  The character was powered by his will and could create anything he wanted or needed.  It was an amazing idea that still marvels me.  By the time I began regularly reading comic books, though, my hero was gone.  I was one of many fans who began reading comic books due to the death of Superman.  I started reading Green Lantern right after Hal had stolen all of the power from the power battery and became a villain.  Kyle never quite appealed to me even though I was the right age they were aiming for at the time, but I went back and read all of Hal’s history I could find.  I regretted that I had missed the opportunity to see him “in his prime,” as a hero so to speak.  By the time I quit reading comics for a time, John and replaced Kyle as the primary Green Lantern, which worked for me.  But I had always hoped Hal would return to his role.  Instead, he was firmly entrenched in the role of the Spectre. 

I wasn’t gone from reading for long however.  A year later, I entered my old familiar haunt and found Hal was in the midst of returning.  I quickly got in on the ground floor of Green Lantern Rebirth and have been reading ever since.  Geoff was already a favorite of mine for his monumental work on JSA, The Teen Titans, and the Flash.  His work on Green Lantern though restored my faith in comics as a medium. 

And this week, it all came to an end.  Almost ten years later, Geoff’s final issue of Green Lantern arrived in my mail box yesterday.  Although I got home late from a party, and could barely keep my head up, I decided to read the issue.  It was an emotional journey. 

For years, I have been impressed as he rebuilt the Green Lantern mythos.  The Sinestro Corps War was a magnificent start to an epic journey.  Blackest Night is my third favorite crossover ever.  Like many, however, I believed the last few stories of Geoff’s run had weakened.  It was obvious the time to move on was coming.  But I continued reading, knowing that Geoff’s run on a bad day, was better than many other writers’ best works.  And the conclusion in Green Lantern 20 was a wonderful payoff. 

Although the entire First Lantern story has been weak, the finale was beautiful.  Each of Geoff’s new corps appeared in the finale.  Each of Earth’s lanterns got a moment in the sun (and my personal favorite alien lantern G’nort finally reappeared:D).  But, as it should be, this was Hal and Sinestro’s story.  The two have always had an interesting relationship, going back to Emerald Dawn 2 but Geoff’s run elevated their relationship to one of the best in comic bookdom.  Hal’s proclamation that he had not given up on Sinestro’s chance to be a hero was moving, and later, Sinestro’s response to Hal’s finally asked question from the original Alpha Lantern storyline was truly sad. 

The book has a wonderful glimpse into the future of each of the main characters and groups from Geoff’s run.  Is his idea of the future mine?  No.  But it is a nice idea for how the future could be.  New authors will obviously put their own spin on the corps, but if they build to Geoff’s conclusion, I could be happy. 

Finally, a nice addition to the extra long storyline is the acclaim for Geoff’s run from other comic book writers, movie writers, and entertainers who have enjoyed this run.  It was nice seeing what others thought of the conclusion to Geoff’s work.  Good job DC and Geoff!