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More News for 2013!

10 Jan

Two bits of news were announced yesterday that interested me.  The first was that Marvel led last year in both dollar sells and total units of comic books sold in 2012.  I immediately thought that wasn’t news.  Basically that has been the story the entire time I have read comic books since the late eighties and early nineties. 

But then it hit me that last year was the first big year of DC’s new 52 and DC won almost each month’s top ten sells and many months’ total figures.  So I decided to research the list.  I reviewed the top 366 books on the list.  187 of the top selling books of 2012 were DC comic books.  Meanwhile, 166 of the books were Marvel.  In other words, DC dominated the top of the chart.  Marvel, meanwhile, had Avengers VS X-Men, a major story, and the beginning of Marvel NOW, a soft reboot of things.  Plus, Marvel books are frequently more expensive than DC books.  For example, Amazing Spider-man 700 was $7 which was two dollars more than DC’s annuals, the most expensive regular books DC published.  All in all, I consider it a good year for DC and Marvel both.  Everyone else in the industry?  They didn’t do so well.  And this is in a year where everyone was talking about Saga which I guess did ok . 

The other big thing in comic books was the announcement of Lego Marvel Universe!  Now, I have no great love for Marvel Comics.  I enjoy their movies and games though.  And I love LEGO games!  So this excites me to no end!  But the best part of that story?  Warner Bros owns Traveler’s Tales which produces the Lego games.  So basically, DC’s parent company is publishing a game for Marvel.  My head is ready to explode!  I plan on writing more about this soon.