2013 Comic Book Preview

30 Dec

k'rotYesterday, I wrote about some of the things that have happened in comics this year that I thought were most interesting.  Many were good and many were disappointing.  Honestly, I believe the comic book news sites have led to almost an information overload and it has ruined a lot of my passion for this field sadly.  But, there were bits of good news and this especially relates to the coming year.

1)      One of my biggest complaints of 2012 was the sorry state of the Superman title.  Some of my favorite creators were involved but it was a revolving door which allowed none of them any latitude to tell the stories they had planned.  And now, one of my least favorite authors is on the book.  But there’s hope!  DC’s newest rising star, Scott Snyder, is launching a new title for Superman early in the new year.  Scott has made Batman one of the best books on the market.  I hope he brings some of that energy to DC’s other big gun.  And Jim Lee is on art!  Granted, he will probably only do three or four issues at a time, but this should be good.

2)      Geoff Johns’s Justice League title has been disappointing.  Not bad by any means, but as my favorite current writer in comics, I expected SO much more.  Especially when you consider the amazing run he had on JSA, combined with the work he had done on many of the characters in the League.  One of my biggest complaints though had been that the Martian Manhunter was sidelined.  Now, it has been announced that he is headlining a new Justice League America.  I have two big worries though.  First, several of the other characters on the team, like Vibe, don’t scream Justice League to me still.  And this is from a guy who still says Ted Kord is one of the best things that ever happened to the League years ago.  Secondly, the horrible 53 covers idea to promote the book.  This has to be one of the worst “special editions” ideas I have ever had.

3)      It looks like a great year for comic book/sci-fi movies.  Star Trek 2 is a movie I have been awaiting eagerly.  I used to be a huge Trek fan, but felt the series had jumped the shark years before during the Enterprise years or the Next Generation movie era.  But then the last movie came along and impressed me.  So I am optimistic about this one.  Man of Steel is a movie I was to care about.  Superman is my second or third favorite hero ever.  Nolan is producing. And Costner is playing Mr. Kent.  What could be a problem?  The costume looks bad and Zac Snyder is directing.  I have yet to get over the horrible Watchmen movie he made.  But the movie I am most anticipating this year?  Thor 2, a Marvel flick.  No one is more surprised than I am!

4)      But the one thing I am anticipating the most is Threshold, a new book DC is publishing by Keith Giffen, my favorite comic creator ever.  Years ago, I read a blog he wrote about how we overuse the term “creator” in comics.  That unless someone truly added to the field they didn’t deserve the term.  There are few people living I believe have earned it more than him.  Around the time of 52, I read someone else point out how he had the most ideas of anyone in the industry.  I believe it!  He’s bringing all kinds of characters to a giant space opera like book.  DC don’t kill this one!  I know it probably won’t sell the best in a world populated by 14 Bat books and ten Wolverine books, but please give it a chance!

In closing, an honorable mention goes out to Giffen’s long time co-writer J.M. Dematteis’s work coming up on the Phantom Stranger, a character Dematteis was born to write.  I have no desire to read another book with Dan Didio attached but I fell for O.M.A.C. and hope Dematteis can return that joy in the Stranger’s title.  I only wish it was Classic Stranger, not weird new Stranger.  Que sura sura.


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