Wii U games…..Come on November!!!

25 Oct

With the Wii U less than a month out and driving me crazy, I thought I would turn to a look at the games that excite me the most.  The tablet control is receiving the lion’s share of the attention and I have to admit it is the part of the Wii U I am most excited about.  The ability to play games, impact other people’s games, and drag a game from the console to the control so the wife…..I mean the parents…..can take over the television is a wonderfully helpful device.  But the games will be what sales the console. What follows are the games that I think will be the best to play. 

Super Mario Wii U

I hate to say but Mario will always be a system seller for me.  When I was three, and playing Donkey Kong, the strange little Jump Man was incredibly fun.  As I got a few years older, I fell in love with the NES’s mascot Mario.  Sadly, it took me over twenty years to realize they were one and the same.  I loved all three original NES games and the SNES Mario World was an incredibly awesome game.  Unlike a lot of people, I was never impressed with his 3D adventures (except for Mario Galaxy 2).  But the recent Super Mario Wii was an incredibly awesome adventure, that I got to enjoy with my wife and the kids.  The new Wii U offers me the chance to do it all over again.  And unlike many games, I don’t care that it will be incredibly similar!  Mario never gets old. 

Nintendo Land

When the pack in stopped being the norm for console sales, I was horribly disappointed.  Console prices continued getting higher and higher and you couldn’t even play the console when you got home unless you bought a game priced at (usually) $50.  It made no sense and still doesn’t.  Fortunately, Nintendo realized this and the Wii got Wii Sports.  Really, it wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch but it was entertaining.  This time around though we get a game with levels based around many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises.  It looks like fun.  Some of the games will probably suck but as long as a few are good, it will be worth it all. 

Assassin’s Creed 3

I must confess I haven’t played much of the series before but the trailers for AC3 look fantastic.  As a history teacher and video game-o-phile I am truly impressed.  I could go for the X-box 360 version because the producers have a great deal of experience making the game for X-box consoles, but the added benefits of the Gamepad put the Wii U version over the top.  Surprisingly, micromanaging tools on a hand held screen sounds worthwhile. 

Mass Effect 3

Actually, I don’t have much experience with this series either.  I bought the original game for the Xbox but I wasn’t impressed.  The final game though looked nice.  And the opportunity to get it on a new console and have access to downloadable content right away makes me happy.  Hopefully, I will get the chance to try this soon. 

Other Games

My kids want Zombie U and Lego City.  Both games sound like fun.  I am bored of zombies in general but the game has been a break out hit leading up to the release date so it might be worth a shot.  I have always loved legos and really have enjoyed the lego games I played in the past.  I will try and get both at some point.  Also, other first party games will be fun.  Nintendo properties are bar none, the best in the business.  Smash Bros is my favorite fighting series out there.  Karting with Mario and friends also is crazy fun. I never thought I would get into it, but I finally tried it with the Wii and me and the kids played nonstop for months on end.  Finally, no game series is more eagerly anticipated than Zelda probably.  I literally cannot wait for this console.  But I have to.  In true game console fashion, the console has already sold out online and in many stores.  I am on a waiting list for the next stock, which will probably come out after Christmas.  Come on, Santa, I have been pretty decent all year!  No promises….But mostly!


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