One Year Later

8 Oct

The first year of DC’s new 52 is over, wrapped by an unusual 0 month.  I must confess, compared to the first go round of a 0 month, 18 years ago (ouch, I am getting old), I thought this year’s 0 issues was weak.  That said, I figure it’s a good time to look at what has been accomplished with the new 52 so far. 

5 Biggest Surprises

5) OMAC was all kinds of fun.  Now, this shouldn’t surprise me.  Keith Giffen is my all time favorite creator.  But he was teamed up with Dan Didio, one of my least favorite people in comic book history on a concept that is my least favorite Kirby creation.  But it was really good.  Although I never much cared for the Hulk (except for in the Avengers this year!), this read like what I would imagine a good Hulk series would be. And now, it’s gone. L

4) Demon Knights is also an incredibly fun book.  I have always liked Etrigan, as the occasional guest star in a book, but I never thought I would like to see him as the lead in a series.  Madame Xanadu and Vandal Savage similarly are fun guest stars, but I can’t imagine them headlining a book.  Finally, there is Grant Morrison’s Shining Knight.  I have always preferred the original Sir Justin, but thanks to Paul Cornell, I have developed a love for the new version.  Keep it up Paul!

3) I never thought I would enjoy a vampire comic book.  I love a classic vampire story but must confess, vampires rarely seemed to work for me in modern pop culture.  But I, Vampire works for me.  The star is great, but I love his sidekicks even more.  The zombie storyline that just wrapped up was wild to and I look forward to seeing how the newest development wraps up. 

2) A new Justice League is coming up.  I must say, I am on the fence about this.  Until recently, I thought Geoff Johns always nailed it.  But recently, I have felt like he has been slipping.  I hope he can make the two books what we should have gotten in the first place.  There is a lot of potential but I am worried it could be a disaster.

1) Aquaman has been a consistent best seller!  I have to admit, this was a wonderful surprise.  Although Geoff’s Justice League has been a disappointment, and the Green Lantern has been above average, but not as good as a few years ago, his Aquaman has been fantastic.  The current storyline, featuring the Others, is great.  I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

5 Worst Developments

5) OMAC was cancelled!  An incredibly fun book, with a great deal of potential, OMAC should have been given more time.  And then to add insult to injury, OMAC was moved to the joyless Justice League International.  Finally, most recently, Kevin Kho has been completely taken over and gone rogue.  This is terribly disappointing. 

4) This brings me to the Justice League International.  The Giffen and Demattias League is my all time favorite book.  Meanwhile, Dan Jurgens’ first run at the Justice League International was an interesting run.  The recent book, though, was a waste.  I hate to say it, but it was a mercy killing when this book was cancelled. 

3) I know I mention this frequently but the loss of diverse characters drives me insane.  Fun characters seem to no longer be allowed in the DCU.  Happily married characters (with the exception of Animal Man and Aquaman) seem similarly banned. And heaven forbid, that a character not have a tragic past in the current DC.  It’s really quite sad.

2) Billy Batson is a jerk. 

1) I will have to read a book by Grant Morrison to get the Blue Beetle I like?  And something tells me, it still won’t be “my” Ted Kord.  I have done my best to swear off Morrison’s books, but Ted Kord is my second favorite comic book character ever.  So I guess I will be buying “Multiversity” and pray it’s not as convoluted as Final Crisis.  I know some consider that a sign of his sophisticated, deep storytelling, but I couldn’t disagree more.  When Darkseid gets beaten by a song by Superman…..

3 Random Thoughts

3) I am glad to see Paul Levitz on the Legion still.  I hope they will bring the other characters back soon.

2) Can we not have stuck with a green Beast Boy?  I know at one point he was purple apparently, but for my entire lifetime (except for imaginary stories and the like), he has been green.  No offense, the Rot may be a wonderful story, and I confess I want to try it, but this too shall pass. So please return him to normal now?

1) And finally, who would have thought it would be so much trouble to get a writer to stay on Superman?  Perez was honest, and I appreciated it.  Working within Morrison’s constraints was a pain so he chose to leave.  Although I wasn’t thrilled with his 6 issue run, the fact that he announced he was leaving automatically did kill a lot of my excitement about it.  Then he was replaced by Giffen and Jurgens.  I was so excited!  One of my favorite Superman writers ever with my favorite creator ever?  Yes!  And then Giffen vanished almost immediately.  And Jurgens only lasted a few more issues?  And now, they have brought in Scott Lobdell to guide a crossover with the super-family. 

2 Final Thoughts

2) Can we get rid of Scott Lobdell already?  I know I just complained about the chaos that has been the Superman title since the reboot, but he turned me off of the Superboy title (my third favorite character) right after I realized just how much I was loving Lamire’s Superboy.  And I couldn’t get past issue one of either Red Hood or Teen Titans, two concepts that sounded like fun.  And now, we get Superboy-Prime Lite, as the first big supervillian?  Ugh…..

1) Could someone go find Karl Kesel and get him to write again?  I recently saw that his adopted child is sick and I certainly wish him the best.  But I have to say, I really miss his work!  He was probably my all time favorite Superman and Boy writer!  I cannot imagine how much fun he would have been on a title this go round. 



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