Amazing Spiderman

3 Sep

As most boys my age, I grew up watching Spiderman cartoons. My brother introduced me to comic books at an early age, letting me read his hand me down Spiderman books. Over time, I transitioned over to DC comics but I must confess that I have had always had a soft spot for the old webhead. Unlike everybody else, though, I was disappointed with Rami’s version of Spiderman movies. And though I wasn’t really looking forward to a reboot, I knew my youngest son would want to see the Amazing Spiderman. Plus, I must confess as an early 80s Spidey fan, I have always had a soft spot for Gwen Stacey, who was Spiderman’s girlfriend in the cartoons I grew up watching.

Now, I must confess, there were things I thought made no sense and other things I thought could have been approved upon. Frankly, Peter Parker should have been more of a nerd. I never really cared for the idea that Peter’s parents being spies, or in this movie, brilliant scientists murdered for hidden knowledge. Ben fills that role. Also, having Kurt Conners possibly being involved in their mysterious deaths makes him less of a tragic character and more of mustache twirling psycho.
But the biggest problem was having Kurt transform several policemen into lizard juniors and then have them not do a thing. The entire concept of having him try and make the city of New York into lizardville is a little much anyway. It could possibly have worked in a sequel movie episode but not a first appearance.

That said, I did believe this was the best Spiderman movie ever. Peter and Gwen were perfect together. It was also really nice having Spiderman use his sense of humor while beating on street thugs. It would have been nice for this to carry over more. I was glad to see Captain Stacey have an active role but I would have preferred if he would have died in a later movie also. Spiderman works best when he is in over his element and that was obvious in the movie while the Lizard threw him left and right.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. The characters really seemed to be overly smart high school kids. At times, the director tried a little too hard to be sweet and sentimental, like when all the construction crews all stayed in town to move their cranes into position for Spiderman. Or the overly quick why he dealt with Captain Stacey’s last request. Still, I personally thought this was else the best Spiderman movie ever. I even find myself looking forward to a sequel. This was a rare movie the entire family could agree on!


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