Continuing Thoughts On Lego Batman 2

3 Jul

I know I have written about this game twice already but I have to admit this is a crazy fun game.  It offers a great deal of surprises and if you use a little bit of sense, some of the puzzles make a beautiful sort of sense.  So what follows are a few more thoughts on Lego Batman 2. 

1) One thing that is different from the first Lego Batman game is the nature of the red bricks.  I must confess, I preferred the first game’s handling of these elusive and important bricks.  In the first game, you had to find special, secret rooms using a variety of characters to get these items.  In this game, the red bricks are out in the open, but you need special characters to open boxes.  For example, the Riddler opens several, including one right by him when you find him.  The Joker also opens these boxes.  Whether other people can or not, I do not know yet. 

2) I currently have found Killer Croc but have yet to buy him.  I am looking for Aquaman, but don’t have the money or gold bricks to get him yet.  This morning I was free playing a level early in the game and came upon a puzzle that required someone to walk across the floor of a pool.  I was kicking myself for not having already bought Killer Croc.  Then my seven year old suggested using Black Manta (my pre-order character) because he is an Aquaman villian. I hadn’t thought about that because in the game he is a heat vision character.  It worked and a few seconds later, I found not one but two mini-kits using Black Manta’s swimming powers. 

3) My all time favorite super-hero is Green Lantern.  I was horribly disappointed to see that he only uses his ring (basically) when green glowing bricks are found.  He then follows a pre-scripted routine to solve a puzzle.  I didn’t see any of these elusive bricks in missions, but now that I have Lex unlocked, I am finding several different areas with green glowing bricks which has given me new opportunities to use him.  Also, in a related point, I see Sinestro doesn’t seem to work with green bricks, which makes me wonder if there are yellow bricks out there to utilize.  Does anyone know?

4) I was happy to see I can use any character during free play missions by holding y like during the free roaming areas.  Unfortunately, you do lose the suits for Batman and Robin you may have found in mission.  This drives me insane because sometimes they don’t seem to reappear in the suit locations, if I can go back. 

5) If you are looking for easy gold bricks and don’t know where to look, I recommend you start at Gotham Funpark.  Many of the park games and rides can be played for gold bricks.  Another great place to find them is the Schumacher statues spread across the city.  Most of them have a gold covering on their heads or in their trumpets.  Heat vision them away and suddenly you get a gold brick. 

6) One disappointing character issue I have noticed, and this may only bother me, is found with Black Adam (and thus I am assuming Captain Marvel).  Black Adam, who sparkles electricity everywhere he goes and gets his powers via magical lightening, doesn’t count as an electric suit character.  Black Canary gets to count as a sonic character, as does Manbat, so it can’t be argued that they don’t want Batman’s suits to be important.  Instead, the Marvel family’s electricity doubles as heat vision.  Sigh……

I can’t recommend the game highly enough.  It occasionally has a screwy frame rate, and characters freeze randomly, and sometimes characters aren’t as useful as I would like.  But if you love DC heroes, or Legos, or just plain clean fun, this is a game for you.  My kids (7-12) love the game.  My “adopted” 15 year old had a ball playing it.  And I am 31 and can’t get enough.  Let me know if you know any brilliant parts of the game I haven’t noticed yet.  Enjoy!


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