Ten Reasons Why the DC is the Comic Universe to Read

30 Jun

Newsarama is one of my favorite comic book sites.  Usually, I find it to be a breath of fresh air for comics related news.  This week, though, I read an article that drove me insane, called “Ten Best Things About the Current Marvel Universe.”  Although I don’t care about Marvel comics, I try to keep up on what’s going on and thought I would enjoy it.  But this article highlighted why Marvel is a better comics universe than DC.  This kind of article always gets under my skin, so here is my response highlighting ten reasons the DCU is better than Marvel. 

10) Marketing – DC has found a way to reach out to audiences in new and exciting ways.  When was the last time you saw an actual commercial advertising a comic book?  I saw one last year.  It was the first time I ever recall seeing one.  It advertised DC’s new 52.  I have read comics for over 20 years now and only once have I seen the world react to comics this way.  And then “Before Watchmen” came out and it all started over again.  DC is storming the video game industry (Arkham City), movies (Dark Knight Rises), cartoons (Young Justice), etc.  I am thrilled!

9) A Big World – Many people like to brag that Marvel’s comics take place in “the real world.”  Almost the entire Marvel universe takes place in New York.  Yes, DC’s major cities are fictional. Metropolis, Gotham, and Coast City all are imaginary place.  But each have their defining characteristics that are important.  But even more simply, I know that if Skrulls are invading New York City, that they aren’t really there.  So how is Marvel the “real world?”

8) The Newsarama article commented on how the Marvel universe has been bumping up their young characters.  Though this doesn’t exactly excite me now that I am 31 and a father of 3, DC has done the same thing.  There are two Legion books, Superboy, Supergirl, several books starring Robins, Batgirl, the Teen Titans, Ravagers (starring Gen13 characters), etc.  DC has made sure the youth are represented for the future. 

7) The article also pointed out that the Marvel Universe is familiar.  This is a major selling point, I will admit.  I preferred the classic DCU, but the new universe is intriguing.  I am getting the chance to explore a new universe with twists on classic characters.  Some of what is happening could have happened in the regular DCU while other characters have changed completely.  Some have succeeded while some have failed.  But it’s all new which has my curiosity piqued.

6) We aren’t the only ones getting to know of these characters.  So are they.  For example, the recent issue of Justice League featured Cyborg explaining the different weaknesses that each character has.  Green Lantern was shocked to find out some of the information.  Flash is getting to know his supporting cast, as is Wonder Woman.  Each character is getting the chance to reveal in a new world.  This is a very different universe. 

5) The classic DCU had an amazing list of creators whose works have contributed to it.  The DCU is built on works by Alan Moore, Jack Kirby, Gardner Fox and the like.  Alan Moore’s works still influence Green Lantern and Swamp Thing.  Kirby’s New Gods have influenced the start of the Justice League.  The DCU may be new, but it is heavily influenced by comics’ greatest stars. 

4) Currently DC is featuring amazing work by Jeff Lamire, Scott Synder, and Geoff Johns.  These men will hopefully helm the DC universe to a new level.  Lamire’s Animal Man and Synder’s Swamp Thing have created a dark undercurrent to the universe.  Lamire and Johns’ Justice League titles promise to dominant the universe.  The Green Lantern books are full of excitement. 

3) The multiverse is in bloom.  It has always been a major part of DC’s history and I am thrilled to see it becoming an actual part of DC’s publishing arm again.  The DC universe is BIGGER than any other comics universe out there.  Books occur across the multiverse.  Meanwhile, time is a major part of the DCU.  Some books are in the distant past while others are in the future. Marvel doesn’t have the scope that DC does right now. 

2) Marvel has always claimed it was the house of ideas.  Currently, that idea is all war all the time.  From Civil War, to Dark Reign, Avengers vs Xmen, the focus has been war from start to finish.  And this week, Marvel announced there next big storyline.  Titled?  War!

DC on the other hand is trying all sorts of new concepts currently.  One of my favorites is Demon Knights.  It features a medieval big seven and is unlike any other book on the market.  Frankstein, Agent of Shade is an insane book of crazy concepts.  And every few months, the publisher announces some new type of book.  DC is where the ideas are found right now!

1)      Finally, though, DC is still home to the best characters in comic books.  Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Flash are classic characters that highlight just what comics are all about.  Aquaman has an edge for the first time in years. 

 I know people love Marvel and its characters.  I don’t blame them.  But DC is home to the most interesting characters and the most interesting universe out there.  And right now, you get in on the ground floor of a totally new universe.  Give it a shot!


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