Early Thoughts on Lego Batman 2

20 Jun

Not a surprise with the title, I am sure, but I really enjoyed previous Lego games.  Now, as a 31 year old male, this may seem embarrassing, but the games are lighthearted fun that I can can sit down and play with my kids or watch them play.  I have played most, but not all, of the previous games.  I had waited for Lego Batman 2 with baited breath and today picked up my copy.  I didn’t get to play much but here are my thoughts on the first two missions.  

The game plays pretty similar to the first game.  The graphics were better than the first.  Everything seems a little crisper and cleaner.  Meanwhile, it plays a little more “real” than previous Lego games.  Instead of merely standing below a grappling hook spot, you can stand pretty much anywhere and throw your grappling hook.  You can even swing from spot to spot like classic Batman.  Also, Batman has to dodge security cameras in the first level which was a nice new idea.  But, because we are talking Batman and not Sam Fisher, you actually have to find a new Bat suit. 

Like the previous game, there are swappable costumes that have different abilities.  A specific costume allows Batman to become invisible and also comes with “detective mode” similar to Arkham City.  It seems like something you could expect Batman to wear.  The “bomb costume” from the first game has been improved a bit.  Instead of placing clunky big bombs, you throw explosive style batarangs.  Plus, due to the nature (I assume) of dealing with the explosive, Batman wears special guantlets with that suit that allows him to lift heavy object like Bane in the first game. 

Robin’s costumes also changed.  The magnet suit now provides a heavy duty magnetic gun device which allows Robin to move specific blue blocks, instead of merely walking up metallic blocks.  I also got a new suit for him, based on the original two Robins careers in the circus.  The acrobat suit allows Robin the ability to toss a stick to specific points and do gymnastic flips from spot to spot.  It also comes with a giant hamster style ball for Robin to roll around in.  So far, it seems to be mainly used to move objects on the screen like the normal green push blocks. 

Finally, I must confess unmitigated joy out of my Gamestop preorder.  Not only did I get a Lego Lex Luthor minifigure kit, but it also came with a code to download five extra villians.  I didn’t get to rid the entire list of the characters (and have yet to see them in game) but I did read that one is Bizarro and another is Captain Cold.  Things like this make me a happy customer at the end of the day.  I recommend you try this game if you have been a fan of any of the other games from Traveler’s Tales or if you like Batman.  I definitely think this will be a keeper. 


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