Continuing to add to diversity to the DCnU

3 Jun

ImageI have written several times on the decline of “diversity” for the sake of diversity at DC.  Well adjusted characters like Barry Allen and Billy Batson have lost their families or their happy go lucky attitude.  Married couples are vanishing completely.  And now, this week, DC added another casualty of this sort to their list.  Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, will be “updated” in the ongoing new DCU. 

For those who don’t know about the Green Lantern concept, Alan came first years ago.  He survived World War 2 and started a family.  His ring was a magic ring.  Over twenty years ago, his children Jade and Obsidian first popped up.  These characters were great characters.  Obsidian was gay.  Now, though, they will probably not exist at all.  Instead Alan will be gay and have a boyfriend.  Meanwhile, on another Earth, Hal Jordan was given a ring that belonged to a dying alien and became the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps, a group of space police.  When the original Crisis happened, and the worlds merged, Alan became an older statesman and guided other characters.  This gave him a distinct and special role of a father figure to numerous characters, not the least of which were his biological children. 

I am not really sure what purpose this serves.  Replacing one gay character with another, ruining an entire family of characters.  I find it horribly unfair to Alan’s creators and numerous other writers and artists that have worked on the character.  It doesn’t add anything to the character at all while subtracting a lot of what made Alan a special character.  And now, he will become the “gay Green Lantern,” while losing the role of the father figure. 

To make it worse, I don’t know why they did this to a character concept they are trying to make into an icon.  Hal had DC’s lost big (albeit flop) movie, toys, video games, and a cartoon series.  Now, the news is reporting that “Green Lantern” is going to be gay.  This is going to cause a great deal of confusion in the marketplace.  It was bad enough when the movie came out and I had to explain that the black Green Lantern comes later.  Now, I will have to explain to people that the gay one is not the main one.  My head is going go to explode. 

I know this is rambling and I don’t care that DC will have another gay character.  I didn’t mind that there was a gay Starman.  I liked Mikaal in the Justice League and I liked Obsidian in the Justice Society.  I don’t however approve of taking a rare family man hero and destroying that for the sake of scoring diversity points in the news. 



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