My thoughts on Lego Batman

27 May

ImageI love video games of all sorts.  One of the best new series of games I have played (last five or so years) is the Lego game series, which I know is targeted for a younger audience but is a lot of fun for all ages.  Next month, Lego Batman 2 is coming out with many of my favorite characters from DC’s 70 year history and I was looking forward to playing it with my two boys.  In honor of that, I finally broke down and bought the first Lego Batman for Xbox 360.  Here’s my thoughts. 

This game is a lot of fun!  If you are familiar with the Lego series of games, there is little in the way of surprises to be found.  You and a partner (whether computer based or live action) fight through a series of bizarre Gotham rogues.  The sheer diversity of the enemy characters though is fantastic.  Killer Moth is here as is Man Bat.  Each level seems to take about twenty or so minutes to pass through if you want to get “Superhero” status.  But it is worth it.  The puzzles in the levels are usually fairly easy but sometimes there are a few difficult spots to try to solve. 

Even better, when you finish an entire chapter of five missions, you then get to play them from the villains’ perspective.  Currently, I have only finished the “Riddler’s Revenge” chapter, but getting to play as Riddler, Two-Face, Clayface, and Poison Ivy was probably more fun even than playing as Bats and the Boy Hostage, as Catwoman likes to call him.  Other stages include Bane, Joker, and Scarecrow.  Each of the villains has their own signature moves. Before I bought the game I downloaded the demo and enjoyed using Joker’s trademark handbuzzer to zap police to pieces literally.  And as Poison Ivy I got to deliver her kiss of death to several boys in blue which was quite funny.  For fans of Schumacher, Riddler uses his cane to mentally control wayward Lego folks to doing his dirty work. 

The game isn’t perfect though.  A major issue comes from camera issues.  Like most platformers, if you can’t jump just right, you will miss several spots to jump on.  So far, the most annoying place I have found was in the stage where you first fight Poison Ivy.  There was one jump from a potted plant to another plant that led to several needless deaths.  Also, because it is for all ages, it is easier than I would like but when playing with kids, I promise it is more difficult! 

I certainly recommend you try it.  I had played the Indiana Jones Lego Game and really enjoyed the Star Wars ones, but I believe this is probably the best of the bunch.  Lego Batman 2 looks even better, as it finally adds voices to the chaos.  Give it a shot!


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