A Return to Justice League Greatness!

22 May

Since the opening arc finished, the Justice League has finally hit its stride.  The characters are finally acting like a team and even better like friends.  The opening arc implied that they would not be friends at all, which would have ruined the entire series.  But now, they have their act together and are really clicking together. 

The scene that sold the book for me was the Green Lantern and Flash team-up.  True, the fight was over at the beginning of the scene but the characterization was the point.  Watching Flash try to sell himself as a bad cop and failing miserable was fantastic.  Watching Wonder Woman come in and save the day was nice too. 

Superman and Batman’s team-up (soon supplemented by Cyborg) was also entertaining.  Everyone in the Daily Planet was getting lunch, but left Clark out.  While he was reminiscing about how that reminded him of high school, Bruce texted asking if he wanted to help take out the Key, an old JLA villain from years ago.  Batman and Superman quickly found their way to the Key. 

The two stories converged there when they exclusively discovered the larger, looming threat.  I must confess as much as I enjoyed the entire story, the threat seems to pat.  I am thrilled they have established that he is a major threat who could beat the Key and the Weapons-Master.  But this seems very reminiscent of other stories.  The intro of the villain also reminds me of some story that is stuck in the back of my head that I can’t recall.  I just wanted something that feels new. 

Finally, though, I will say the Shazam story seems a little better than it was in prior months.  I wasn’t thrilled with the changes to Billy and I am not thrilled that Sivana is now Lex-sized instead of pocket-sized.  But overall, it seemed like it is making headway.  I was happy to see him and his foster dad make headway in their relationship.  Hopefully, this will lead to him becoming more in line with the real Billy Batson the DCU needs. 

If the Justice League continues like this, it may finally become the best book DC has published in a long time.  This is good news as the free book previewed a major storyline coming to the DCU, where the Justice League can finally take center stage.  I loved Blackest Night, but it was a Green Lantern event.  Flash and Batman had Flashpoint.  Before then, Superman and Batman dominated the DC’s events forever.  And there were several books that were centered around the entire DCU.  But, now the Justice League finally looks like it will have its moment. Geoff can do this.  I hope!


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