Why DC will always kick Marvel’s tail…..except for at the theaters!

21 May

My brother Kenny helped get me into comic books years ago.  He’s a Marvel fan while I have almost always been a DC fan. Recently, he called me to rub it in that Marvel has more success overall with their movies.  I must admit, if you discount Batman, I have to give it to him. Still, DC has better books I believe.  I gave it time and settled on three major reasons why I believe this is the case. 

 Multiple Realities

I will never forget when the Ultimate Universe began.  All of the comic fanzines boasted of Marvel’s brilliance in updating their characters in an alternate reality.  When DC began their All-Star Comics line, the comic book news sites proclaimed it as DC’s attempt to copy Marvel’s successes.  But this was far from the truth.  Long ago, DC beat everyone to the multiple realities with their Earth 2 stories.  Later, they added Earth X, S, 5, and 3.  Recently, they went back to that well with their 52 universes that came out 52.  In the DC, any heroes can appear from anywhere. 

Bigger Timeline

Whether it is the classic JSA from ’39 and up or if it’s the Legion hanging out in the 31st century, DC has built up entire franchises about the timestream.  Yes, Marvel tried with their 2099 franchise, but it failed to grab the collective consciousness the same way.  Marvel’s World War II characters made little impact (with the exception of Captain America and Namor) to their overall line.  Jonah Hex, the Justice Legion of the 853rd Century, or Khufu in Egypt drive this point home.  DC owns the timeline. 

Bigger Universe

In their main reality, DC has a better understanding of the concept of a universe.  The Green Lantern Corps patrol the spaceways.  Adam Strange zips back and forth from Earth to Rann to keep the peace in deep space. Despero, Darkseid, and Kanjar Ro constantly conquer entire sectors of space.  This has been so successful that Marvel constantly tries to update their “galactic heroes.” 

Yes, Avengers, Thor, and Captain America were great movies.  Spiderman is a fun character.  The X-men try to save a world that hates them.  But at the end of the day, DC is bigger in every way.  Now, if they can only catch up in the movies!


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