My favorite Martian

15 May

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, I love digital comic books.  I love the thought that every time I turn around, there are “new” older comic books that turn up.  Recently, one of my old favorite comic books showed up to replace my lost print edition.  It’s an old issue of the Martian Manhunter series from the 90s.  It’s a gem of a series.  Though it didn’t quite do everything I wanted to see, it did showcase a lot of why Jonn is such a wonderful character. 

In Martian Manhunter 24, Jonn tells Kyle a “lost story” of his JLI days.  Beetle and Booster, comics’ greatest duo (sorry Bats/Robin), are up to their old shenanigans.  In this particular tale, they have stolen all the “chocos” (Oreos) that Jonn had stashed in the Embassy.  They also snuck out and bought all of cookies around the embassy.  Jonn tries his best to be rational and then loses it when Ted accidentally confesses to their devious plot.  It’s the best Hulk story I ever read.  Destruction and mayhem follow before they lead him to the stockpile of chocos.  A great deal of other things happen to make this a truly hilarious tale. 

This was a rare example of a non-Giffen and Demattais story from the JLI period that reads “true.”  The book can be picked up, with our other tales, for $4.99 digitally.  I recommend you give it a shot.  One other Jonn story is featured, and though completely different and serious, it is also well worth your time and money. My hope is DC will realize that Jonn deserves more “screen time.”  Read it as soon as possible.  You won’t be disappointed. 


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