Vampire Diaries Season Finale

11 May

I have to admit I am embarrassed that I watch this but I love The Vampire Diaries.  I am a thirty-one year old married father of three and yet I am addicted to a teenage show meant for girls.  But it’s good!  Much better than that other vampire phenomenon that currently has people distracted.  So I always hate season finale night when the show goes off for several months.  Tonight was that night.

And what a finale it was!  My least favorite vampire in the show was killed, only to be secretly tied to another character’s body by magic!  Granted, it’s another character I don’t care for so I don’t think I will miss “him.”  A favorite character is dead for good it looks like but finally got his chance to say goodbye to his closest friend in the show.  The main character, Elana experienced a major change to and then it ended.  I don’t know how I am supposed to wait to see what happened to her.

Then, there was the development in the long triangle.  Now, I have always been a hopeless romantic, so I love the love triangle, in theory.  But in comic books, it is usually a hero/his secret identity fighting for the girl.  In this show, it is two brothers fighting for the same girl.  Stefan is the tortured, noble character.  Damon is the dark, bad boy.  I prefer Stefan.  For a moment it looked like he would get the girl.  But then, the scene my wife was waiting for came.  Damon had a special moment with Elana towards the end.  So frustrating.

I feel like such a girl for feeling this way about the show.  But I do believe it just about has everything.  For one thing, these vampires don’t glow in the daylight, they sizzle unless they have a special ring allowing them to be daywalkers.  They also like to snack on people (even the good ones!).  Werewolves and witches also have their roles to play.  Frequently, it involves murdering one group or another.  But like any good vampire story, there is a love story involved.  Something about vampires excites us.  I hardly consider myself a pop-psychologist but it’s a bit of the “forbidden” love, I think.

I hope you watch the show and saw the conclusion.  I would love to hear your thoughts!


One Response to “Vampire Diaries Season Finale”

  1. Tonya May 11, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

    It was a wonderful finale. I was panicked the would episode because I thought Damon would die. There was no other way for the show to go than for her to pick Stefan (they can at least stick to the books in that scene), but as soon as she did, I felt like Damon became a disposable character. I enjoy watching his antics too much for that to happen.

    So, that’s my reaction: at least Damon is alive ^_^

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