Review of the Avengers

6 May

I love the concept of dualism.  I don’t specifically mean that philosophical notion of dualism but I enjoy the idea that things in culture easily break down into two large camps.  Good against evil.  Light versus dark.  Pepsi to coke.  Republicans over Democrats.  And finally, the focus of this blog usually, DC and Marvel.  Now, I have made no qualms of my love for DC and I am very apathetic to Marvel.  That said, I am always happy to see any comic get its day in the pop culture sunlight because I believe it will help comics all over.  So my excitement over the Avengers movie has been building slowly over the last few years. 

I have to say the movie is almost everything you could hope for in a comic book movie.  Next to the Dark Knight, I am even willing to say it is probably the best one out there.  The cast is fantastic. If you have watched the previous movies (Iron Man I and II, Captain America, and Thor), you know that the actors play their roles wonderfully.  I personally think Iron Man steals any scene he is in and the director wisely has him as the “main” character, if any could be considered the main hero.  They also wisely let Captain America lead the team as he should.  The biggest surprise to me though was that the Hulk has two of the best scenes in the movie.  They are quick but brilliant.  Ruffalo, who I have always been a fan, plays Banner brilliantly and I am glad to see Marvel has settled on an actor for him.  And like most recent superhero movies, it has a peek at the next movie, which excites me. 

Like any good crossover story, there are fights between the various heroes.  Thor’s fight with the Hulk was all it could be expected to be.  There was some vocal disagreements also which played out very well.  And SHIELD looks like it will not always be on the side of the angels which works for me. 

Unlike most reviewers though I don’t think it is perfect though.  For one thing, if you haven’t watched the previous movies, especially Thor, you will probably not understand the beginning of the movie or why it really matters.  The movie also decides to do a variation of “bullet time” or “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” at times.  This irritated me usually, though during certain moments (climax), I could see the reasoning.  The humor was great but at times seemed a little forced.  Finally, the reaction between Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer stretched my belief. Perhaps in universe there is an explanation, but like I said, I stick to DC’s books.  Finally, the aforementioned peek may not interest people who don’t know who these characters are. 

None of the problems hurt the film.  It is a solid 9 out of a 10 I believe.  It’s a rare movie that I immediately wished to see again.  My hope that Dark Knight Rises will be the best movie of the year is shaken, but I believe it will be.  And the entire time I was watching this, all I could think of is “Where’s my Justice League movie?”


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