The new JSA too!

4 May

Like many of the target audience, I was upset by the fact that the new Earth 2 wasn’t THE Earth 2.  I am a big fan of the classic JSA concept, a group of noble heroes who helped defeat the worst enemies in recent world history.  A team that had seen numerous members die or retire to be replaced by friends or family.  This concept to me is one of the greatest comic book concepts out there and if DC never restores the classic JSA, the DCU will have shot itself in its collective foot.  That said, if you read the new Earth 2 as a new universe altogether (like it is meant to be) and as an alternate reality (which is the point), you will read one of the best first issues in DC’s new multiverse.

I am and have always been a sap for multiple realities.  Like most kids my age or older, I have fond memories of watching “Mirror Spock” appear with his classic goatee.  Granted, I saw it reruns but it was a wonderful idea.  Much more recently, I marveled at SG-1’s countless alternate realities.  But honestly the best example of an alternate reality I can imagine has always been the DC multiverse.

With the new DCU though, we get the chance to explore a new multiverse.  So a quick recap with minor spoilers, DC’s big three is locked in a losing war with the drones of Apokolips.  But as usual, Batman has a plan.  Things don’t go like they normally do however because this isn’t “our” Batman.  Meanwhile, Supergirl and Robin (Batman’s daughter – the only child Batman should have) are catapulted into the “proper” DC universe, where they have been since the beginning of this universe.

While this is all going on, we are introduced to Al Pratt, the original DCU Atom.  He is just as short as he is supposed to be.  Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is a multi-media mogul.  Finally, Jay Garrick appears, arguing with what will hopefully one day be Mrs. Garrick.  She leaves in a huff.  And while he is moping, destiny calls.

The book has a lot of potential.  The artwork is great and the writing is much better than recent James Robinson efforts.  Perhaps he is just meant to write Earth 2 characters.  We have the chance to see the JSA form with its classic members as the leaders.  Mr. Terrific, formerly from the new Earth 1, is apparently coming over also.  Michael Holt belongs with these guys.

One final hope.  I hope like with the classic multiverse, that there is only one Darkseid to this multiverse.  I would love to see his power straddle the lines of the two universes.  How does he react to almost total victory in one universe while struggling to make headway in another?  And seeing as how he will probably stay a main foe of Earth 1, I hope to see the new Powergirl face off against the man who almost destroyed one world, while working to save another.

And for a special prize: tomorrow DC is having a digital JSA sale in honor of the new series.  Issues will cost 99 cents!


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