My favorite superheroes

25 Apr

Since Super-Friends, I have been a big fan of the superhero.  As a child, my first reading was Spiderman.  As I got older, I became a fan of DC.  To this day, DC is the company that gets my money.  Although many claim that DC’s characters are archetypes to Marvel’s more realistic (and thus better) characters, I disagree.  Yes, DC’s characters are more legendary but with DC’s decision to regularly update and retcon their characters I believe they are fascinating and fun.  I like the classics but I must confess I also like some of the more offbeat characters that DC has in its stable. 

1) Hal Jordan has always been my favorite character in comicdom.  He is one of DC’s classic heroes and has been handled with care at times and contempt at others.  Geoff Johns has returned Hal to greatness and made him one of DC’s number one characters.  That said, I wish he would move the character along some now.  From the Sinestro Corps to Blackest Night, I believe it was the book to read.  War of the Green Lanterns dropped it a lot.  That said, the new series has been very interesting, but like Geoff’s other books in the reboot, it has been slower paced than I want it to be. 

2) Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, became my second favorite character during the JLI.  His hijinks with Booster Gold were fantastic, but I always preferred Ted.  And though Dan Jurgens’s follow up to the classic JLI wasn’t nearly as good, I appreciated the respect he treated Ted with. He’s Batman with a sense of humor. 

3) Superman is classic.  I can’t help but love him.  For years, I was bored to death by the concept of Superman.  But when I finally “got” him, it clicked.  Over the years, I have been a huge fan.  Unfortunately, if he isn’t written right, it’s  a waste of time to read Superman.  He should be number one, but it has been a long time since he has been. 

4) Hawkman is one of the greatest characters ever created.  That said, he also struggles with being written right.  I prefer the Carter Hall reincarnated prince version.  I enjoy the occasional look at his past lives.  Over the years of retcons though this simple character became a horrible mess.  And the new version seems to have missed the point.  And Liefield is taking over…..Ugh…..

5) Dr. Fate is another wonderful golden age character.  I love the old school Fate.  I even enjoyed Jared Stevens time as Fate.  Such a wonderful concept.  Kent Nelson is definitely my favorite version, followed closely by Hector Hall. 

6) Elongated Man and Sue Dibney belong together even on list of favorite characters.  The two were the best written couple in comics I always thought.  Personally, they made the JLE for me. 

7) Brainiac 5 is my all time favorite legionnaire.  There have been several different versions of him, like many of the different characters on this list.  I prefer the classic Brainiac 5, loved the reboot, and feel that his cartoon version was great in Superboy and the Legion.  I miss that show!

8) Wally West.  My Flash.  No offense to the other guys. 

9) G’Nort is the best alien Green Lantern ever.  Any character who spends his first appearance searching for the bathroom on a robot moon earns my vote. 

10) Booster Gold is another great JLI character.  I know Dan Jurgens created him, but he will always be the other half of the Blue and Gold to me.  Keith and J.M had skill.  I wish they would team back up. 


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