Best Things About the New 52

15 Apr

We are now several months in to DC’s massive undertaking.  A lot has went well and a lot has failed.  One of my favorite titles in the new DCU has ended, while another has gone on to critical acclaim.  What follows are some of the most exciting things to me about the new 52. 

1) Court of Owls

This is easily one of the most appreciated parts of the new DC.  Batman is always an easy sale and Scott Snyder’s Detective Comics was already blowing people away before the reboot happened.  Since he took over Batman though, the title has been all about the mythic Court of Owls.  A mysterious assassin called the Talon took Bruce to the edge of destruction before Bruce won out.  The most recent announcement that Dick Grayson’s family was potentially involved in the development of the Talons has me waiting with baited breath.  And as previously noted, I don’t typically read Batman comics although I love the character. 

2) “The Birth of the Villian” in Justice League has great potential.  Although Geoff Johns’s Justice League may not have set the world on fire like his run on Justice Society did, but it could do it.  And I love any archetype story.  The thought that a writer who had researched mythic cultures and superheroes is going to fall to the dark side has me highly interested.  I hope he kicks it in to high gear instead of the slow drawn out type story that he showed in the first storyline.  Hopefully, this is the one!

3) The sales numbers may not have been the ultimate success that DC had hoped for but the thought that Aquaman outsold all of Marvel titles the last two months thrills me to death.  I know X-men and Avengers will change the sales dynamics for the next few months but DC has several cards up its sleeves. 

4) The second batch of titles leads us into the multiverse.  I can’t wait to see Earth 2.  Personally, I was really hoping for classic Earth 2 but I love alternate realities.  Worlds’ Finest could also be a winner.  Paul Levitz is one of DC’s greatest authors and Power Girl and Huntress have a history together.  These two books will change how many things are seen. Meanwhile, I really don’t want to see Multiversity anytime soon.  So here hopes this replaces it.


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