The lack of diversity

8 Apr

It’s been a while since I updated my blog here.  So let me preface this by saying: I love DC comics.  I have since I was a little guy and now I am a happily married guy with three children who I continue indoctrinating into the DC universe. I understand the need for the DCnU, though like probably everybody else I would have done a LOT differently and a good bit very similarly.  I read a lot of the DCnU, including some titles I would never have imagined buying.  That said, I have one major issue with it (and several others).  There is a noticeable lack of diversity in the DCnU. 

Now, I don’t mean what most people mean when I suggest a lack of diversity.  There are several African-American characters, Asian characters, and Hispanic characters.  Going a step further, there is a book headlined by a lesbian character.  Diversity is all about.  What I mean, though, is there a definite lack of well adjusted characters with happy childhoods. 

Gone are most of the married characters in the DCU.  Elongated Man and Sue, my all time favorite married couple in comics, are gone and I wonder if they are dead or ever existed in the new DCU.  Hawkman and Hawkgirl, the one comic book movie I would love to write like no other, are also not married.  Whether Hawkgirl has existed or not is also up for grabs.  Hawkman seemed incredibly bitter about something before I dropped the book.  Good timing too because Rob Liefield is about to take over and that would just disappoint me to no end.  Aquaman is married and for once I am completely interested in his ongoing adventures. 

Fun characters are also missing in action. The aforementioned Ralph and Sue are missing.  Ted Kord, my second favorite character ever, has yet to show up.  Booster Gold leads a practically lifeless iteration of my all time favorite Justice League run over in Justice League International. 

Meanwhile, practically all of the heroes now has some painful moment dominating their lives.  Superman’s adopted parents are dead again.  I can deal with this because originally the Kents were dead before he became Superman.  But I was used to him having them around.  Also, Barry Allen, originally one of DC’s great “normal” heroes, is now an orphan without a wife or nephew, or pretty much anything else. 

Finally, the most recent example and in a way the most disappointing is the new Captain Marvel.  Marvel has always been a shining star at DC.  Yes, he was at times sickeningly sweet but that was part of the charm.  He was a rare orphan with a tragic past who overcame it and was very happy with his life.  Now, though, he is just another child with a foul attitude.  I don’t want to judge the final product based on one issue but currently I don’t get any real feeling of Captain Marvel from this Billy.  He needs to be a happy go lucky kid.  And while I am at it, though I like Gary Frank, his Sivana looks almost exactly like Lex Luthor.  I know two bald autocrats in one universe can be confusing, but Sivana is supposed to be a small, buck toothed little guy.  Makes a big difference. 



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