This week’s batch of stuff

27 Sep

I had a pretty good week of books this week.  I have been getting all of my books digitally up to this point but my first few print editions finally arrived.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Before I explain my thoughts on each issue, I got Wonder Woman digitally, and Superboy and Legion of Super-heroes in print (which is kind of an interesting development).

Wonder Woman was a pleasant surprise.  I haven’t read it regularly since Phil Jimenez’s legendary run at the beginning of the century.  I have never read either of these creators on a book before.  I was suitably impressed.  Phil’s run was exciting, but I have always believed the Greek gods should play a major role in the book and I hadn’t seen a run that I felt got them the way I wanted them. Suddenly, though, Apollo is an insane, murderous god trying to destroy people’s lives.  Another goddess is sending monsters after some random human and Wonder Woman is called in by Hermes to save the day.  This has a great deal of potential.  The only shortcoming I foresee is the art.  I know a lot of people love it, but it’s just a little cartoony to me.  It could definitely grow on me.

Superboy was a book I was fearing would be a disaster.  I love Kon-El who is my all time favorite Superboy.  Karl Kesel’s run was absolutely a dream come true to me.  There was a lot of fun, especially when he returned and began really building up the Kirby background.  Geoff changed things up a bit and I appreciated what he did.  Suddenly, all of that was being tossed out the door and we were getting a new origin and new background.  I have to say it has potential.  I still miss my Kon-El but this could be exciting.  If I have to accept the Wildstorm characters, I really think this book does an excellent job of introducing them.  As it is, I am willing to give this a few issues.  I expected a little more “movement” overall, but I am in for now. 

Finally, and probably the most difficult to review overall, is the Legion of Super-heroes.  It is a book that is heavily influenced by what came in the past.  In it’s last incarnation, they had just wrapped up a major storyline a little too quick and pat to me and this was built on that.  Also, many characters I cared for were ripped from Paul Levitz and moved to the Lost title.  Still, I really enjoyed this.  There is something about the Legion that lends itself to these rebuilding concepts.  The team has always had a ton of characters and so if some vanish, there can still be a team.  Some of the academy members joined.  And although Glorith is a tad weird, the name has connections with my all-time favorite villian, the Time Trapper.  I never could accept her as the Trapper but I like her being in his ball game.  Is this new Glorith the original?  And as many sites are promoting, is she the new character appearing in every book?  The look is similar.  I enjoyed the book, though I know a lot of people didn’t.  Paul is one of those rare authors I would read if they wrote a cereal box and this is my chance to read him writing his favorite characters.  Bring it on! 

On Wednesday, I am getting three books.  I have several other print editions coming also.  That said, this weekend I plan on writing about my overall opinion of the new 52.


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