O.M.A.C. and Keith Giffen

21 Sep

My favorite comic creator of all time is Keith Giffen, who co-created classic runs on the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice League in the 80s.  I loved these books and still read them frequently.  Until recently, I purchased my comics from the local comic shop, and unfortunately they didn’t get his most recent book Doom Patrol, which I heard was wonderful (if you liked his work).  So when the new 52 was announced, I eagerly waited to see if there would be a book by Keith.  And then, the worst news I could imagine was anounced, Dan Didio was working with him…..on O.M.A.C. 

Dan Didio is far from my favorite creator in comics. In fact, I have use for him.  I was sure I wasn’t going to even try it.  And O.M.A.C. was a character I never cared about either.  Many characters I loved were getting pushed aside while this rare Jack Kirby creation I didn’t like was getting my favorite creator to work on a series for him.  To add insult to injury, suddenly, O.M.A.C. became a critically accaimed title. 

I had carefully chosen the titles I was going to purchase and this wasn’t one of them.  But I kept hearing about the influence Keith Giffen had on the title.  The art in the preview was a lot of fun, as Keith channeled his inner Kirby.  Finally, I decided to skip Justice League Dark at the end of the month and try it.  I have to admit, I was truly surprised.  I don’t know what Dan brought to the title, but it was really fun.  It reminded me a lot of early Marvel’s Hulk, which is a title I never cared for but it’s a fun vibe. 

In O.M.A.C., we discover that Cadmus Labs, a Kirby creation I have always loved, secretly is creating all sorts of craziness.  Meanwhile, a large, rampaging hulk like creature with a crazy blue mohark begins assaulting the building.  The beast is being led by Brother Eye, a gigantic power mad satellite, who wants to interface with Cadmus computer core.  When O.M.A.C. discovers the underground labs, a collection of odd creatures Cadmus created, like the old Dubbilex, critters that eat people, and a beatiful woman, whose head opens to a lazer cannon.  Although he makes his way through these threats, the issue ends with him mysteriously transplanted to a desert and restored to human form.  The next issue is aptly titled “Next issue things get really weird.”  I certainly recommend this title!

To make the new 52 even more interesting, Green Arrow’s writer is leaving with issue three, only to be replaced by Keith Giffen, who describes the new working relationship with Dan Jurgens and George Perez as some of the most fun he has had.  That’s another book I have to decide to drop.  Darn you Giffen!


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