Week 2 on the DCnU

16 Sep

This week was a fun week for my DC purchases. I am still waiting for my print books to arrive, as I have several books I order, but this week I purchased four titles digitally. Mostly, they were pretty good overall. I had a few problems with some of the books however. The biggest problem was page count. DC recently had their “Hold the line at 2.99” initiative, which dropped the number of pages in a standard book down to 20 pages. Now, I understood that to be 20 pages of story. Most of the books however had 19 pages of story plus the title, while Legion Lost seems to be 18 pages of story, a title page, and a stupid ad for Hot Wheels. Now, in a standard comic book, I expect ads, but digitally I only expect the occasional, “Buy these other digital titles” ads. And I expect 20 pages of story!

1) My favorite book of the week was a surprise, but one I was hoping would be. It was Demon Knights. Now, I am not a big fan of the Demon Etrigan in a book devoted to him, but have really enjoyed him as a guest star, and always thought he was one of Kirby’s great characters. For those who don’t know, Merlin trapped a demon in the body of a poor man, Jason Blood, on the night Camelot fell. In this new book, he is in love with Xanadu, DC’s resident fortune teller, of whom I also don’t normally care for. The two are trying to stop an evil Queen from dominating medieval Europe. As a fan of history and comics, I love this concept. There’s also the new Shining Knight, and although I prefer the original, at least Paul seems to write her fun. Vandal Savage looks to be joining the rag tag team of heroes. The final members are an Arabian Bruce Wayne, crazed Amazon, and mysterious horse lady. Most exciting to me, though, is the second villain, Modru. I LOVE this old Legion foe, and was thrilled when DC added him the JSA. This is a book that I look forward to. It might even be my favorite title of the DCnU currently.

2) Legion Lost is a book I desperately want to love and it was pretty good. Not great by far, but decidedly decent. Members of DC’s thirty-first century super-team follow an evil threat to the 21st century, where their tech suddenly stops working. The team consists of Gates, Tellus, Chameleon Girl, Dawnstar, Wilfdire, Tyroc, and Lonewolf. The book heats up quickly, as it appears the villain has some dreaded disease he affects people with. The book’s story is exciting, but ends in a way that, though previews hinted at, severely disappoints me, as two members (including my favorite of the seven) died in an attempt to stop the villain. I plan on trying the next issue or two but this really stole a great deal of my excitement.

My other problem is the art in the book. The art just doesn’t measure up in any way. It was definitely my least favorite looking book of the week.

3) Red Lanterns was a good book. The characters are typical insane Red Lanterns. Dex-star shows up, which is always fun, and is rescued from a mission gone awry by Atrocitus, the granddaddy Red Lantern. Atrocitus, though, isn’t feeling all ragey currently, as the focus of his mad on is now dead, killed by Hal Jordan, in the last issue of the last Green Lantern title. Meanwhile, it appears a human is about to go the route of Red Lantern, which could be interesting. Atrocitus figures out what he is missing, just in time to realize Bleeze may be plotting to overthrow him. All in all, I see this as an interesting addition to the Green Lantern mythos, as long as they occasionally intertwine,

4) Finally, I got Suicide Squad. I loved the original Squad and the sequel series of Secret Six. This book doesn’t appear to have any of the charm of either series. Deadshot is still Deadshot, and has a few moments. Harley is always fun, but the new costume is a disaster. King Shark looks nothing like himself though and neither does Waller, the squad’s leader. The cliffhanger could lead to an interesting mission and I will definitely try issue 2 but unless it is much better, I will be done with it.

Week 2 was fun. The mystery cloaked woman is still around which could be a great moment. I don’t plan on getting much next week but I hope someone lets me know some books are worth while. Have a great week.


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