My Favorite Martian and The Justice League International

8 Sep

This week, DC’s big 52 initiative hit the ground running with many titles I wanted to read.  However, I have limited funds, so I had to settle on two of the new 52 this week.  My all time favorite run in comics was Giffen and Demattias’s run on the Justice League International, so I have been waiting patiently for Justice League International since I heard it was coming.  The other book I got was Stormwatch because Martian Manhunter is one of my favorite characters of all time.  I must confess, though neither book made me love them, both were actually pretty good. 

Stormwatch 1

I only bought this book for Jonn Jonzz the Martian Manhunter.  He is one of DC’s oldest heroes, dating back to the dawn of the Silver Age, and was a founding member of the Justice League.  In the DCnU, this may or may not be the case.  Instead, he is an active member of Stormwatch, a series that DC gained when they purchased Wildstorm, a rival years ago.  Now for the first time, the Wildstorm characters are part of the DCU proper, which is kind of neat.  It’s like what they did with the Charleton and Fawcett characters after the Crisis.  I had never read the series before, though I did read a few issues of Authority, a team that this version of Stormwatch seems to meshed with.  It was a more violent and sexual version of the Justice League years ago.  So how did this book go now?

I was pleasently surprised.  Jonn seems a good deal more serious.  But that works.  He is the last survivor of an alien race, but unlike Superman, he knew his people.  He also should be considered one of the most powerful heroes out there, having Superman’s powers and then some.  Seeing him floor Apollo quickly was a treat, though then in turn seeing him beaten by Midnighter disappointed me.  Frankly, I was completely disappointed with Midnighter, who looked like an S & M actor, instead of a “superhero,” but this is a minor gripe.  The rest of the story had definite promise.  The moon is possessed, and some ninja sword guy is trying desperately to diagnose the threat?  Now, I would have sent Jonn myself to deal with this, but maybe there is a method to this potential madness?  Overall, the book had a lot of interesting characters and premise.  I look forward to the next issue. 

Justice League International 1

The old JLI was my all time favorite series and team book.  The characters and humor were perfect.  For those who thought it was always humor, though, I recommend you check out the Despero story and the Extremists story in the JLE book.  The books could be very serious when they wanted to.  I can’t recommend these books highly enough.  I have loved them always and after selling my entire collection several years ago, I can honestly say that the JLI is one of the few titles I care enough about to repurchase.  But what about the reboot?

This isn’t Dan’s first shot with the Justice League International, having written and penciled the JLA branch after Griffen and Demattias left.  His new start is a pretty solid start.  Overall, I think it might even be stronger start than last week’s Justice League.  It features classic JLI characters like Booster, Guy, Bats, Fire and Ice.  It also has recent newcomer to the JLI in Gavril, the new Rocket Red introduced in last year’s Generation Lost.  I would have much rather it had been Dimitri, the classic Rocket Red, and yes I realize he died a few years ago, but this is a reboot.  The August General in Iron, from 52, Godiva, a former member of the Global Guardians, and Vixen, former JLAer round out the team.  It’s an interesting group of characters.  Already we see Guy is a hothead, Booster is a gloryhound, Godiva seems like a new Crimson Fox. I really like that Batman has faith in Booster and shows up later as a member. 

The story features the start of a new crisis.  A group known as the Signal Men are rising around the world.  These look like classic killer robot monsters and could be a lot of fun.  The book has a few jokes, here and there.  Nothing “Bwahaha” worthy, but cute nonetheless.  I really like that this book mentions the regular Justice League is “still around” in the present day.  Based on the writing alone, I look forward to the next issue. 

The art wasn’t bad, but it could have been much better.  I would rather have had Dan pencil this instead of Green Arrow. Unfortunately, this looks like a no. 

Based on the first whole week of the DCnU, I have high hopes that this could work.  Although the books I have read have only been pretty good, that is a lot better than it could be.  I enjoyed all three books more than the last Justice League title, which I thought was decent.  Next week has many books I am interested in.  I can’t wait.


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