31 Aug

Tonight, at midnight, the DCnU launches, with Flashpoint 5 and Justice League 1.  The closer it gets, the more books I have gained interest in.  That said, DC could (and giving history, just might) screw it up badly.  Here are a few things I think DC needs to focus on to make sure the initiative is a success. 

1)      Commit 

This is probably the most important. Many of the books are very impressive in theory, while some appear disappointing.  Still, if they hope for this to work, they must give the titles a chance to succeed.  I, Vampire or Blackhawks won’t catch on right away.  Hopefully, though, word of mouth will spread and the books will catch on.  DC should give each book at least a year to catch on, and I would recommend fifteen issues.  If they still haven’t caught on by then, DC could cancel them. 

 2)      Bring Back the Fun

 Keith Griffen has come out frequently recently to say he is done with the JLI, Ambush Bug, and Lobo.  That’s fine.  Still, these characters still need to be around, and should have their sense of humor firmly in cheek.  Even more important, bring back the now deceased fun characters, like Ted Kord and Ralph Dibney.  I know Jaime Reyes is the Blue Beetle, so DC can bring about their line diversity.  Still, Ted could be Blue Beetle in the Justice League.  A universe that can afford 7200 Green Lanterns can accept two differing Beetles. 

 3)      Hope

 DC is a universe of hope.  Let’s be honest, Superman basically assures that.  I understand this is a younger universe and Superman isn’t exactly his old self, though in a lot of ways he is supposedly more like old Superman than any time in the last fifty years.  Still, the DCnU should be full of hope.  Occasionally, a villain should terrify (more on that next), but the heroes should have faith in their abilities.  How many times recently have we seen Superman crying?

 4)      Have the villains bring it

One benefit to the DCU is the broad variety of villains.  Not all of the villains are bank robbers and not all are world conquerors.  But each should be convincing in their sphere. This especially relates to the world destroyers.  When Darkseid or Despero show up, the heroes should worry, without crying. 

5)      A Moratorium on death

 Heroes, villains, and sidekicks should live usually.  Every once in a while, death should happen.  But all too often, recently, characters have been killed to “show that you never know what’s going to happen.”  Personally, I think this has been a bigger problem in the Marvel Universe, with their “kill someone a quarter” mentality of late.  Still, let death happen naturally, and then, usually stick with it.  When everyone is dying, it takes the punch out of it. 

 6)      Digital Initiative

 DC is going to stat publishing their 52 books digitally the same day they debut in print.  That is great, but DC needs to make sure everything lives up to that potential.  Vertigo, kids’ books, minis, and crossovers with other companies all need to join in.  Trade paperbacks and Showcase editions need to also.  Make digital a true option for fans.  I know I would buy collections and minis digitally. 

7) Superman

And finally, make Superman super.  Action Comics depresses me.  I look at the covers, and Clark is running around in blue jeans and a t shirt.  That is not Superman.  Meanwhile, Grant Morrison discusses his plans for a socially conscious Superman, and that is fine potentially.  Seigel and Shuster started him that way, but had him develop into a more rounded character.  Let him return to those roots, but give way to regular Superman. The red undies need to return also.  Yes, they are cheesy and make little sense overall.  But the look is classic, and I personally think the red helps break up the costume. 

I wish the DCnU the best.  I am highly interested in it and have hope that it could create a new status quo for the DC universe.  And maybe they will never beat out Marvel in sales, but this should be a worth-while adventure and I am ready.


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