My favorite comic writers

26 Jul

For many years, I have read comics.  Over the years, famous writers have entered the field and left.  Surprisingly, sometimes, they return and at other times, people leave at the top of their game.  With the advent of DCnU, Scott Lodbell, a once a-game X-men author is returning to helm three DC titles, including a perennial favorite character of mine, Super(clone)boy.  Meanwhile, one of my favorite authors, who left the big leagues years ago, Alan Moore recently discussed his plans to write a digital comic.  It got me thinking about who really is the best in the business. 

10) Marv Wolfman has written comics almost forever.  Few, if any, can compare with his big story.  The Crisis on Infinite Earths is still the biggest inter-company crossover I have ever read, though over the years some serious competition has arisen.  His Titans run was groundbreaking.  His recent work though has disappointed me a good bit or he would be higher on the list. 

9) Gail Simone is the most recent author to make the list of my favorites.  But from what I have seen, she is incredibly talented.  Although Secret Six is very risque to me, it is classic.  The characters she has revamped are now some of my favorites.  I hope Catman returns in some way to the DCnU, and that mystifies me.  I really look forward to her plans for Firestorm.  I am probably the only person who doesn’t care about the Batgirl situation.  Until Morrison is off the Bat titles, I plan on skipping them. 

8) Alan Moore should be higher on the list, and it is probably considered heretical in the comic field to put him at 8.  His classics are comic book masterpieces.  I hate to rehash what has been said about Watchmen, though it deserves the accolades.  So instead, let me recommend his Superman work.  His “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow” is my favorite Superman story of all time.  And the fight with Mongol will forever be considered one of Superman’s most amazing fights.  If he would only return to the mainstream, I could live happy (comparatively). 

7) Mark Waid was one of DC’s biggest stars fifteen years ago.  I really miss that.  His Flash run (no pun intended) was truly inspirational in the comics industry.   His run on the JLA and his JLA Year One are some of my favorite Justice League titles of all time.  Only one other run on the Justice League compares to me and I will return to it. 

6) Karl Kesel wrote one of my favorite Superman runs.  It had humor, action, and introduced some wonderful characters, while reintroducing others.  His love for classic Kirby concepts influenced my love for Kirby, who didn’t get the respect he deserved for far too long.  And his Superboy is still my favorite incarnation of the boy of steel. 

5) Joe Kelly was a long time Marvel author, but it was his work at DC that blew my mind.  His Superboy run was disappointing, but his Justice League was good.  His Superman though was almost perfect.  He completely got Lois and Clark’s relationship.  His Zod storyline was amazing, although the ending fizzled a little I felt.  Still, his introduction of the Elite will also go down in history to me was one of the great Superman stories. 

4) Jeph Loeb entered the DCU at about the same time.  Jeph’s work made me fall in love with Superman all over again.  I had about given up on the Man of Steel at the end of the 90s, but Jeph suddenly made Superman relevant.  Some fuss over a wasted opportunity of Lex as president, but I thought it was fantastic.  And although “Our Worlds at War” may not have been the perfect crossover, but I enjoyed it and wish Imperix could come back somehow.  There is potential there.  I hope the new DCU finds that potential. 

3) Geoff Johns has written some of the greatest DC stories in the last fifteen years.  He was paired with David Goyer as he began on the Justice Society, and all too often today he gets full credit for the success of it.  The two did a great job on the book.  “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.” was the perfect reimagining of a classic but somewhat silly concept.  And it was so sweet.  The return of the Green Lantern Corps will forever establish him as one of DC’s greatest writers.  “Blackest Night” and “Infinite Crisis” were good reads.  Although I feel he is dropping a bit, he has amazing power and skill at DC.  I hope we don’t lose him anytime soon. 

2) Paul Levitz is DC.  He has had a major role at the company for so long, I can’t imagine him not being at DC.  The Legion of Super-heroes is one of the greatest concepts in comics and he is almost completely responsible for its modern longivity.  I am so glad he is responsible for helming them through  the transition of this new era in DC.  Of all the writers in comics, he is one of the few I truly wish to meet and spend time talking with. 

1) Keith Giffen still changes how I see comic books.  Although it has taken me forever to get Ambush Bug, I desperately want to see the Bug come back.  His Legion of Super-heroes work may be controversial but I still think it was the most amazing run in Legion history.  It dared to be different and changed things.  But most importantly, his Justice League books (with J.M. Demattias) are what comic books should be.  They were fun and lighthearted at times, but could hit home and the characters became almost a family to me.  Fortunately, DC has decided to collect the stories giving me a new chance to read and marvel at his ideas. 

I would love to have the power to choose the writers for the DCnU.  Hopefully, they will look at what these greats did with these characters and tell stories that stand the test of time like them.  I would love to hear what you all think of these guys (and lady).


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