Five More Books from DCnU

13 Jul

The new DCnU has a great deal of potential.  One thing I am really happy about is the diversity of the lineup currently announced.  I admit there are some books that I think look to be a total waste, and the thought that there are going to be 11 Bat titles disappoints me.  Still, I have already written about five books that I think look good.  Today, I thought I would point out five other books you should give a chance. 

1) Legion Lost

I have always loved the Legion of Superheroes.  Alongside of the Green Lantern Corps, I believe this highlights what DC does best.  DC is home to the best science fiction comics out there.  The Legion will still have a book written by Paul Levitz, THE Legion writer and it is set in the future like the Legion should be.  But, DC is also going on a limb and publishing a book where seven members of the team are trapped in the “past” (read: present day DCnU).  I think that offers some exciting story possibilities, but I would rather see the team in space meeting the present day L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Green Lantern Corps. 

2) Demon Knights

This book surprised me.  I like the Demon Etrigan, but never really thought of him as being able to carry a book.  But in the new DCU, he has a book dedicated to his “historical” adventures to attempt to save Camelot.  This sounds like it has possibilities. It’s being written by Paul Cornell, who is writing an excellent run on Action Comics.  The Demon will be leading a team of “heroes” to save the world, against a new threat of some sort.  The only thing I am not happy about is the Shining Knight.  Today, DC released an image of the second cover, showing what appears to be Morrison’s new Shining Knight.  This should definitely be Sir Justin.  Not a retcon I am looking forward to.

3) Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps deserves  a seperate book.  This is a title being relaunched and will star two famous Green Lanterns, John Stewart and Guy Gardner.  No one writes Guy like Peter Tomasi. I prefer Keith and J.M.’s version, but Peter does an awesome “serious” Guy.  And I would much rather see him teamed with John than Kyle. Definitely read this if you like the Corps. 

4) The Savage Hawkman

Hawkman is one of DC’s “weird” characters.  He is one of my favorites but has been screwed throughout his history.  Apparently, this will be the version I prefer, the archeologist, who just so happens to be a reincarnated Egyptian prince. It’s such a classic story.  The space cop is fun, but DC already has Hal and the Corps to fill that specific role.  By being the Khufu Carter, you get to tie in his “past lives” to make a truly original character.  If done right, this can be like no other book on the market.  If done like DC normally does, though, it will blow up after thirty or so issues.  My fingers are crossed. 

5) The Suicide Squad

I loved the John Ostrander version of the Squad.  The idea of a team of supervillians working for the government to get time off of their prison sentences is great.  Deadshot is a perfect character for the book.  Meanwhile, though, he has recently been featured in the Secret Six, another brilliant book by DC.  DC sadly will not be publishing it in the new DC, so seeing him go back to his “roots” will be fun.  That said, I must confess, like many people I am not excited about Harley Quinn’s new costume.  She is such a fun character, and now seeing her as little more than a stripper looks like a waste.  Hopefully, she will still be “fun” Harley and not some new “exciting” version.  Killer Shark sounds like he will round out the team, and he is usually a fun character too.  Because of the history of the characters and title I will try the book but I must admit this is the book I am most worried about. 


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