And then the Dark Side…..

13 Jul

I have written several blogs about the rise of DCnU.  Currently, they have all been favorable.  I have a great deal of loyalty and love for the DCU and always have.  They typify what I think heroes should be and its why I read them.  I know many consider the characters to be less “realistic” than other comic companies or tv shows, but to me, the characters’ nobility have always appealed to me.  But I must confess, not all of the DCnU appeals to me.  What follows are the five titles I think should be stopped before they begin. 

5) Men of War

One thing I really like about the new 52 is that DC is expanding their line-up to books outside of the normal superhero fare.  I know I just pointed out how much I love DC’s heroes but there are other genres of comics and war comics are a famous comic genre.  DC’s war stories are classic and I love Sgt. Rock.  What kills me about this title is that it features “Not Rock.”  We get a new Rock.  At one point, I am almost certain he was called the grandson of the original Rock.  If you are doing a book on a Rock in the army, do the Rock.  He deserves no less. 

4) I, Vampire

I realize I just pointed out that I am excited DC is publishing books outside of their typical superhero fare and yet the first two books I dismiss are non-hero books.  But do we really need another vampire story right now?  I know DC published the original I, Vampire stories years ago, before the modern resurgence of the pop culture vampire.  And I really enjoy the CW’s “Vampire Diaries” but the concept is currently spread a little thin.  Bring this back later or never. 

3) Batwing

Batwing is one of the 11 new Bat family books.  I realize the Bat Family is DC’s royal family.  And DC is almost suicidal in their rush to prove they are “diverse” if for another reason than to be diverse.  This is painful though.  For those not in the know, Grant Morrison is revisiting the “Batmen of Many Nations” story from many years ago, and Batwing is apparently the Batman of somewhere Africa.  Where seems to be a problem, as the cover showcases him hovering over pyramids, but generally he is supposed to be in West Africa.  Still, my biggest complaint on this title is that the most famous “Batman of many nations” just had a critically aclaimed mini-series.  If any of the also ran Batmen deserved a book, shouldn’t it be Knight and Squire?  It is the one bat book I would buy at this point in time.  Although if Jeph Loeb wants to return to the characters, I would give it a shot. 

2) O.M.A.C.

Jack Kirby is one of the greatest comic creators of all time.  O.M.A.C. is one of his least famous characters, though the concept has been revamped recently.  This is yet another new version, apparently.  I could buy that.  Unfortunately, Dan Didio is writing the book.  Didio is the man who talked about how 52 was a disappointment and Countdown would be done right.  52 may not have been perfect, but it was much better done than Countdown.  He is also the man who ran Mark Waid off from DC.  Waid may not be the best comic scribe ever, but he was really good and respected DC’s history, like few others.  He also was recently writing the Outsiders, one of DC’s worst recent runs on a title.  In the book’s favor, Keith Giffen is my all time favorite comic creator.  Still, so much going against this book, I just can’t buy it. 

1) Action Comics

This truly hurts to say but I can’t buy the new Action Comics.  I love the title. I love Superman.  It is the only Superman book I currently buy.  But Grant Morrison kills books for me.  I know, I am probably the only person in the world who feels that way.  I enjoyed his JLA, but always felt that he missed his moments.  He promised big stories, but then I always felt he dropped the ball in the end.  My favorite recent example is Final Crisis.  The concepts were excellent.  The promise was there.  But then Superman got the chance to recreate all reality because Darkseid had poisoned it all.  In his new reality, he couldn’t bring back any of his friends who died?  He brought back all of earth but couldn’t save Batman, Ted Kord, Elongated Man, or Jonn?  I just don’t buy it.  And don’t get me started on the cosmic space vampire who magically showed up to devour all reality in the last book.  And who was literally staked.  I am about to reread the series for the third or fourth time in hopes that I will finally get it.  But if I have to read books by a drug adled European who thinks he created the art in comics, I will go and read some Alan Moore series.  Goodbye Action.


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