The top five books I look forward to in the new DCU

2 Jul

A lot has been said about the new DCU coming out in September.  A lot of people have fussed and many have claimed this will lead them to dropping DC comics forever. I understand where they are coming from.  I have read DC Comics now for twenty years and for most of my life have been invested in the characters through TV or movies.  Still, I want to be optimistic and if done right, this could be brilliant.  These are the five books I think are the best bet for the fall. 

1) Justice League

The Justice League is definitely the deal breaker.  Geoff Johns has been my favorite comic writer of the last ten years.  He has single-handedly returned Green Lantern to must read status.  With David Goyer he straightened out the mess that was Hawkman.  His run on the JSA and Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. were brilliant.  Now, he plans on taking on the Justice League, with Jim Lee, one of the greatest pencilers in recent comic history.  This will be one of the deciding books for the new DC. 

2) Green Lantern

Geoff’s other book that I look forward to reading. He has been on Green Lantern now for several years and has made it DC’s biggest hit, with the possible exception of Grant Morrison’s Batman.  Green Lantern has evolved into a modern day version of Star Wars, some would say.  And although like many, I think it is time to lay off the other Corps for a while and have Hal on Earth, the book is still exciting.  Hopefully we can see Dr. Polaris and Sonar soon. 

3) Aquaman

Rounding out the Geoff John’s trifecta, Aquaman will certainly be worth reading.  Off and on, I have loved Aquaman.  His last series started with amazing promise but went down hill quickly.  With Geoff and Ethan reunited to work on Aquaman, the sky is the limit for DC’s fish friendly superhero.  The promise of a new secret race from the ocean also has potential.  I see this easily being one of the best books DC wil

4) Justice League International

Dan Jurgens has been one of the most famous writers in comics for twenty years now.  The Death of Superman will forever have him in the spotlight.  But he hasn’t sat on his laurels since then.  Instead, he had a big run on Thor recently and has worked on Booster Gold for a while also.  Meanwhile, the Justice League International is my favorite DC team book of all time.  I prefer Keith and J.M. on it but Dan did a good job with the team in the early 90s and I look forward to his second shot at them. 

5) Legion of superheros

Finally, this is the other big book that is staying under the same writer as before.  Paul Levitz is one of the greatest authors in the field ever.  There are no books he writes better than the Legion.  I have waited my entire life to read him writing this book because he had gotten the job upstairs by the time I began reading comics.  The thought that he would be leaving the book made me sure I would hate the new DC.  The thought that they would reboot it again led me to thinking it was time to get out of comics.  Instead, he is still writing it and this is one rare book that won’t be changing much.  Bring it on! 

I have a few other books that I am really excited about.  I hope to write about them soon.  While we wait though, I would love to hear what you think of the new DCU.


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