My many years with comics and DCnU

24 Jun

Many years ago, my brother began letting me read his comics. I had not read comics but I got into the idea quickly. At the same time, I began watching Superfriends, which I thought was an amazing show. The show doesn’t hold up nearly as well today but the show introduced me to some of the greatest superheroes of all time. I quickly became enamored with DC’s classic pantheon.
When I got older, I started purchasing my own comics. I loved the DC comics of the mid 80s and 90s. I saw a Crisis rearrange reality. I saw the rise of the greatest era of the Justice League ever, and yes it was the days of “bwa-ha-ha-ha.” I saw Superman die and Batman get broke. My favorite character of all time, Hal Jordan, was made into a maniac and I had little hope of him returning. Still, I always loved seeing him return in various books. DC and Marvel finally had a series of crossovers and some were actually good. The early 2000s featured a classic run on Superman by Jeph Loeb and Joe Kelly, my favorite Superman era ever.
I got married soon thereafter and had to stop reading comics because I suddenly had a crazy amount of bills to pay. For two long years, I sat on the sidelines while events changed in the DCU. I finally got the bills mostly under control and decided to see what was going on in the DCU to find that Hal Jordan was in the process of a major rebirth. I began buying several titles and am now knee deep in the midst of a flood of great comics. The Crisis finally had a mostly decent sequel which brought back the multiverse, although little has been done with it since then. The Legion of Superheroes has also returned, written by none other than the brilliant Paul Levitz, which I never thought could happen again. Digital comics have finally become a reality and I must say, I think it’s long past due. And now, DC has announced they are restarting their many superhero concepts.
I am eagerly awaiting the beginning of the DCnU. I am not sure what’s going to happen. Some of my favorite titles are being put down, and some classics are returning. Some of my favorite characters are suddenly in the spotlight, while others like Blue Beetle are still dead. But the prospects are bright. This is truly a new day in comics and it can’t start soon enough for me. What are your thoughts?


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